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Please let us know if there is any other content which would be useful for this page, or if you find any errors.  At present this guidance reflects the 2019/20 tax year, and hasn’t been updated for the March 2020 budget, nor fully updated for the major changes with IR35 in the Private Sector  – we hope that all updates will be completed by the end of April 2020.

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Our daughter business YogaTax has a lot of guidance topics on its separate website – many of these will be relevant to sole traders and small businesses

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Our daughter brand YogaTax specialises in accounting for Yoga Teachers, and has a wealth of help topics on its own website.  We’ve linked these below as they will also be of general interest to many other small businesses, especially sole traders and micro businesses.

Help Topics for Small Businesses

Our daughter business YogaTax specialises in tax and accounting for Yoga Teachers and has a wealth of information on its website.  We’ve reproduced links to this here, as it will be of interest to many small businesses, especially Sole Traders and Micro Businesses – just change “Yoga” for your sector.


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