Identification requirements

As a matter of law we are required to prove the identification of all of our clients, before we start working for them.

If we do not do so then our firm and its senior staff could be prosecuted.

Satisfactory identification would one from both the following lists:

An item of Photographic ID, eg:

  1. Driving Licence
  2. Passport
  3. Firearms Licence

An item of Address Verification which must show your name and current address and be less than three months old:

  1. UK Bank or Credit Card statement
  2. UK Utility Bill –
  3. Letter of introduction confirming your name and address. This letter could be from the following:
    1. A practising solicitor
    2. A CCAB qualified accountant
    3. A mainstream UK bank
    4. An FSA regulated business
    5. A magistrate

In all cases the person must confirm your name and address, their position, and write on their headed notepaper.

It is important that, regardless of what ever form of identification is produced, that your name and address agree to the information given to us.

We can either see originals of the above documents or copies/scans including a good quality picture. We would prefer not to have originals posted to us, but if you do this is at your own risk.

The copies must be of originals; not bank or utility statements printed on your own PC are not adequate for this purpose.