Fees and Services

We serve the following sectors for Accountancy, Taxation and Business Advice:

We offer various Fixed Fee packages which may be of interest to many potential clients.

We also offer:


Scope of Service

We cover most Accountancy and Tax matters, however we generally do not accept engagements involving:

  • Statutory Audit under Companies or Charities legislation
  • Accounting for Groups of Companies
  • Tax Advisory around Trusts and Complex Estate Planning
  • Stamp Duty and related issues including ATED
  • Share Incentive schemes and similar, eg EIS, SEIS, Employee Share Schemes



Personal Service Companies

We have 35 years experience via Whitefield and predecessor practices in the PSC sector, long before it became as prominent as it is, and before the complexities of IR35.

Our PSC service covers Contractors, Consultants and Freelancers in a variety of disciplines – IT, engineering, design, social work, accounting, legal services, strategic planning, management consulting, to name but a few.  There are no particular disciplines we can’t assist.

This service isn’t restricted to people who regard themselves as Contractors / Freelancers, it is suitable for anyone with a company predominantly supplying their own skills and experience.

Our service has flourished by focusing on maximising clients available funds in a safe and sustainable manner.  We work on a fixed fee, currently £1,000 pa + vat, subject to annual indexation.

For more information about our PSC service, see our PSC services page.

The service leader at Whitefield is Susan Albest (Associate Accountancy Manager)

✉ Send message to Susan Albest ☎ 01983 619453



Small Businesses

Our small business client base covers a variety of sectors, including leisure, retail, construction and development.

We are happy working with Limited Companies, LLPs, Partnerships and Sole Traders, either local to us on the Isle of Wight or further afield.  We are happy to work remotely using technology rather than face to face contact, and have many successful client relationships on that basis.

Our services cover annual accounts, related tax advice and compliance, and general advice and support.  When requested we can undertake consultancy engagements, eg business plans, restructuring, succession planning, cash flow forecasting, strategic planning, and we also advise on Company Formations and Business Set Up.

Fees are tailored to client need, but for a typical small business would be in the range of £500 – £1,500 p.a. plus vat for recurring accounting and tax services dependant on complexity and service need;  we prefer to work on a monthly payment, and all our fees are based on fixed quotes to give certainty in your cost management.

Special projects are priced based on value adjusted hourly rate, again on a fixed basis.

For many small companies our PSC package referred to above provides a good value bundle of services, even if their owners wouldn’t generally consider consider themselves contractors or freelancers.

The service leader at Whitefield is

Susan Albest (Associate Accountancy Manager)

✉ Send message to Susan Albest ☎ 01983 619453


Private Clients

Our Private Client service provides tax and accounting services to individuals – typically people with a complexity in their tax affairs such as multiple income sources, small self employments, rental income, capital asset disposals, investment portfolios or similar.  This could be as simple as one additional income stream from a rented property, through to complex personal financial portfolios.

Fees are tailored to need and complexity, and are fixed in advance.

The service leader at Whitefield is Julie Barrett (Taxation Manager).

✉ Send message to Julie Barrett ☎ 01983 619452


Yoga Teachers

We specialise in looking after Yoga Teachers, as well as Pilates Teachers, Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Bowen Therapists, Feldenkrais Practitioners, Reiki Practitioners and any one else working in body or movement therapy.  We Serve this Sector via our Daughter Business YogaTax

The service leader at Whitefield is Jessica Garbett (Managing Director).

✉ Send message to Jessica Garbett ☎ 01983 614108


Fees and Approach to Work

Most of our work is carried out on a fixed fee basis, with the fee agreed in advance.  In most cases payment is via a monthly Direct Debit.

Our Basis of Quotation Guide gives an idea as to what we normally include in a fee quotation but, of course, this is tailored to each clients circumstances.

Occasionally additional services and one off assignments need to be priced on a hourly rate: this will vary according to the complexity of the work in hand, but would typically be £100 to £200per hour, plus VAT.  Our hourly rates (all exclusive of vat) for non routine work are currently:

  • £200 Principal/Director
  • £100 Manager grade staff
  • £50 Senior Technician grade staff
  • £25 Junior Technician grade staff

Generally all work is however quoted on a fixed price, and most of our clients simply pay one annual fee in line with our quoted tariffs.



Fixed fee packages

We operate a number of fixed fee schemes for clients.  These allow us to provide a bundle of services with predictability of cost.

All figures are plus VAT, and subject to stated terms – we can arrange bespoke quotations where required, for example if required services don’t fit into these bundles.

Fee Indexation applies for the third year we have acted for you onwards.



Business Mentoring

We offer Business Mentoring aimed at owners of small businesses, and those thinking of starting a small business.

Read more about Business Mentoring

The service leader at Whitefield is Jessica Garbett (Managing Director).

✉ Send message to Jessica Garbett ☎ 01983 614108



Ask An Accountant

We realise that some people need ad hoc advice from an Accountant / Tax Professional without the commitment of a regular accounting service.

With this in mind we offer Ask An Accountant to provide a fixed fee service for work of this nature.

Read more about Ask An Accountant

The service leader at Whitefield is Jessica Garbett (Managing Director).

✉ Send message to Jessica Garbett ☎ 01983 614108