Joining as a Whitefield Client

Thank you for expressing interest in Whitefield.  This page gives information to help you to decide if we are the right accountant for you, and the process of joining us.

First, if you haven’t visited already, take a look at our Fees and Services Page

If you are a Yoga or Therapy/Movement business then visitour daughter business YogaTax for tailored information


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Are We Right For You?

We predominantly look after our clients by telephone and email, although personal appointments are available at our office in Brading, Isle of Wight.  Walk up appointments without booking are not possible because many of our staff work from home.

We are experienced in working this way, and happily accept clients from throughout the UK, many of whom we do not meet in person; of course if you are visiting the Isle of Wight on holiday or business, and want to call in to put a face to the name, we can normally arrange to have the kettle on.

For Isle of Wight clients we are happy to arrange in person appointments, at our offices or your business, and we appreciate that this is often a good idea at the start of a new accountant/client relationship.

We are a team practice, so if its important to you to have one person doing everything, then we may not be right for you.  However we are a small team and, of course, talk to each other so there is no need to worry about contacting the wrong person in the practice.
All the Contact Details for Our Team Are Here

Read our Guide to Choosing an Accountant


Enquire About Our Services

Not ready to join yet, or have an Enquiry about our Services?  Contact us here

Please be aware that we cannot offer advice until we have satisfactory identification and a signed Service Level Agreement.


Registering With Us for Ongoing Accounting and Taxation Services

When you are ready, please start your registration with us via our Registration Form

  • This form covers a lot of detail, and it may be sensible to print the form first, get the information you need together, and then complete it.  The form does tailor based on information entered, so not all blank fields will need completing.
  • The information you enter is reviewed by our staff – please don’t get vexed if you are unsure about some of the content.
  • If you are a Yoga Teacher, then please use the Registration Form on our YogaTax Website – its a bit simpler.
  • If you would rather deal with this form over the phone, you can arrange a pre-booked telephone appointment with us. Please contact us by Phone or Email.
  • If we are Incorporating a Company for You,  Please see our Guidance on Selecting Company Names.

Please be aware we cannot provide professional services until we have satisfactory identification and a signed Service Level Agreement.


One Off Advice and Consulting

If you are seeking one off advice, then please:


Company Formations

If you are instructing us to form a new company for you, then use our Registration Form and select “Company Formation”.

Company formation normally costs £120+vat = £144,  and payment can be made at the time of registering or by phoning card details through.

A note on this fee – you can form a company yourself at Companies House for £20, using the same service as we use.  Our fee covers advice and guidance – you probably only form a company once, or a handful of times, in your life – we do it daily and know the pitfalls and practicalities to get it right.

In terms of time scales on forming a company:

  • Submission to Companies House – we normally do this within a few days, and expect to have the company number same day or within 24 hours.
  • Completion of file opening – we have a number of formalities to complete, including identification and sending you a comprehensive welcome pack, and where requested dealing with  HMRC registrations,  etc – we tailor our advice bespoke to each client to make sure you are setting out on the right foot – allow a week for this, although its normally less.
  • Vat Registration – this is outside of our hands, allow four weeks, although HMRC are sometimes quicker. We apply for this online for you.
  • Bank accounts – bank account opening is never quick these days due to banks customer identification requirements and bureaucracy.  We strongly advise clients to start with their existing bank as that should be the quickest route.  For Companies, the bank account must be in the company name, and can’t be processed until the company is registered at Companies House.



For all new clients, we need identification from you so that we can comply with anti money laundering rules.

Please be aware we cannot provide professional services until we have satisfactory identification and a signed Service Level Agreement.

Further Detail on Identification Requirements


Service Specifications, Terms of Business and Fees

For details of sectors we cover, service specifications, fees and similar, see our Fees and Services page.

Our Basis of Quotation guide explains what we normally cover in a Fixed Fee quote.

Our Terms of Business are available to read