Small Business Expenses for Tax

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Expense Basics for Tax

Expenses are important, as they reduce your tax bill.

The law around claiming expenses for the Self Employed is that the expense must be “wholly and exclusively” for business.

  • Confusingly something that is both private and business can be apportioned to make it “wholly and exclusively”,
  • Some expenses cannot be apportioned and are disallowed –  alas its on a case by case basis and the rules are quite fragmented.  There is no one definitive list of deducible and non deductible items in statute.

For Sole Traders under the rules for HMRC Trading Allowance you can claim the greater of £1,000 or the actual expenses you incur – which is useful if your expenses are not otherwise that high.


Expenses Checklist

Here is a non exhaustive list of possible expenses to claim:


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Expenses for a PSC

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What Expenses Can Be Claimed Against Tax?