Ask An Accountant

We realise that some people need ad hoc advice from an Accountant / Tax Professional without the commitment of a regular accounting service.

With this in mind we offer Ask An Accountant to provide a fixed fee service for work of this nature.


Features of Ask An Accountant:

  • Fixed Price Consultation £200 + vat
  • Initial scoping by email or phone (up to 30 minutes) as appropriate / by choice – normally email unless there are complexities
  • Letter of advice with (a) Identification of issues arising and (b) recommendations for action or further advice
  • Designed for individuals and businesses who are not current clients of Whitefield / YogaTax – if you are a current client of Whitefield / YogaTax please speak to your normal client contact.


Ask An Accountant may be suitable for:

  • One off tax related queries
  • Tax planning and compliance enquiries
  • Advice on accounting standards and treatments
  • Business issues / advisory, for example business sale or valuation


Terms and Limitations of service – there are a few things we need you to know

  • Sometimes a particular query may be too large or complex for this service.  If so we will try to provide alternative options
  • Some queries may be outside the scope of our expertise, especially if they are of a specialist nature or require legal input.  If this is the case we will, of course, let you know
  • Our letter of advice will always be substantive.  However the nature of some queries may mean that it is not be possible to give a full answer in our letter of advice.  For example, there may be contingent issues; further research may be needed; specialist advice may be needed.  In such circumstances we will explore the issues, identify uncertainties, and suggest the next steps.
  • Fair use applies and work is in accordance with our Terms of Business, notably sections 8 and 17

We cover most Accountancy and Tax matters, however we generally do not accept engagements involving:

  • Statutory Audit under Companies or Charities legislation
  • Accounting for Groups of Companies
  • Tax Advisory around Trusts and Complex Estate Planning
  • Stamp Duty and related issues including ATED
  • Share Incentive schemes and similar, eg EIS, SEIS, Employee Share Schemes



Please get in touch to discuss further, using the form below

If we can assist then, we will need to:

  • Verify your identity to comply with Anti Money Laundering Requirements
  • Agree engagement terms
  • Take payment from you

Once these formalities are complete, we aim to issue the letter of advice within two weeks.