Moving home or changing your address – who to tell

If you are on the move, here are some pointers to what you need to do regarding changing your address from a Tax/Vat/Companies House perspective – not all will apply to everyone of course.

1 – Tell us! – by email, or online

2 – If you are a company, you will need to:

Notify Companies House about the change of registered office (although in many cases the registered office may be our address anyway). If the company is currently registered at your home address, you will need to update the record.

To do this, log into www.companieshouse.gov.uk and on the home screen select “Change your company details”. Once you have logged in to your company you will find a link below the address saying “Change address”.  Returning to the home screen, at the bottom you will see the director(s) and secretary listed, and alongside each there will be an “edit” link. This is where you can update the home address. NB the director’s service address will usually be linked to the registered office, and the home address will not be visible for all to see on the public record.

3 – If you are VAT registered you will need to notify HMRC.

To do this log into HMRC online services at www.gov.uk/log-in-register-hmrc-online-services with your usual User ID and password. Go to “VAT details and options” and then “Change registration details”.

4 –  If you are an employer (and that includes Companies in respect of directors), then you will need to notify the HMRC office that deals with the Company’s employer affairs – the address details and reference will be on communications that HMRC (or Whitefield Tax) send to your company about PAYE / NI.

5 – If you are a company and your registered office is changing then you will need to notify the Corporation Tax section at HMRC (this will not apply if the registered office is with us) – the address details and reference will be on communications that HMRC send to your company about Corporation Tax.

6 – Finally you will need to let HMRC know in respect of your personal tax affairs / self assessment – use the address and reference, including your NI number, from communications that HMRC send to you about personal tax, eg tax codes, self assessment statements.