Company Formation and Business Set Up

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We can assist with a range of services in connection with Company Formation and Business Set Up.

Company Formation

This is the process of incorporating a company via Companies House.

We can incorporate private companies registered in England; we don’t incorporate companies in Scotland, Ireland or non UK jurisdictions, and we do not incorporate public companies (private companies account for the vast majority of UK incorporated businesses, public companies are normally only necessary for offering shares for sale publicly).

Typical price for a Company formation is £194 comprising £120 professional fee, £24 vat and £50 Companies House fee. Note this cost increased from 1st May 2024 due to changes in Companies House fees.

We undertake our formations via Companies House; it is possible for someone to do this themselves; our charge is for our expertise and experience in avoiding common pitfalls and difficulties.

See our Guide to Choosing a Company Name

Bespoke Entities

We can also assist in the formation of more specialist and bespoke corporate entities, and discuss their merit with you impartially, eg:

  • Companies Limited by Guarantee (useful for charitable and social activities)
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Registration of Charities

These services are subject to bespoke pricing

Registration of Sole Traders and Partnerships

There are very few formalities for the registration of a Sole Trader or Partnership (other than LLP), and we would normally carry this work out for clients ex-gratia.

However Partnerships, other than with immediate family, should be backed by a Partnership Agreement which would be subject to a charge

Partnership and Shareholders Agreements

These are agreements between partners in a partnership (LLP or unlimited) or between shareholders in a company, and govern their relationship with each other, profit sharing / distribution rights, dispute resolution and similar.

They are not a legal requirement – the law imposes certain terms if agreements don’t exist – however they are strongly recommended for anything other than business ventures with close family.  Typical cost from £500 + vat, although in more complex cases we may recommend that a lawyer be engaged.