Personal Tax Return Service (including Micro Businesses)

Whitefield offers a fixed price package of services for Personal Tax Returns, and Micro Businesses.

This guide outlines the features of this service package, it should be read in context with our main Terms and Conditions of Business / Engagement document which it supplements.  Where appropriate this document supersedes provisions in the main Terms and Conditions of Business.



£300 pa + VAT

Payable by monthly Direct Debit  or on invoice – when paying on invoice, if you are a new customer we will normally require a 50% deposit.

Fee Indexation applies for the third year we have acted for you onwards.



Individuals with moderately complex affairs, subject to Fair Use

For example:

  • Rental income
  • Multiple Employments
  • Capital Gains
  • Small Self Employments / Freelance Income / Micro Businesses (dependant on size, indicative up to £50,000 turnover. In some cases our Sole Trader Service may be more applicable, dependant on complexity)
  • Overseas Income

This list is not exhaustive.

Please be aware that Personal Tax Returns are included in most of our service agreements, so this service is for clients needing returns on a stand alone basis.



  • Annual pre year end tax review where requested
  • Self Assessment return
  • Preparation of related support schedules for the return, eg capital gains, rental income, self employment.
  • Dealing with all routine tax queries other than HMRC full/aspect enquires or other HMRC disputes
  • References for loans, mortgages and tenancies where straightforward, charges may apply in more complex cases
  • Ad-hoc advice as necessary (subject to Fair Use)

The following services are charged separately, as used/requested :

  • Tax Enquiries and disputes – we strongly recommend that you take out Professional Fee Protection for this separately.
  • Major items of additional work – these will be charged by the hour, but you will be advised in advance before incurring charges.


Fair use

Our fixed fee packages are priced to cover the typical service level a client needs.  In any given year some clients will need more support or service, others less, and our fees balance this.

However occasionally a clients service needs, or the complexity of their requirements, will go beyond that anticipated.  Rather than have a long list of exceptions or small print, we operate on a fair use basis.  Where services cannot be accommodated in the fixed fee:

  • We will endeavour to let clients know at the start of the engagement, or if not as early as possible.
  • We will avoid unreasonable suspension or withdraw of services at short notice
  • We will avoid incurring any material additional charges for clients without authorisation
  • We will work collaboratively with clients to resolve the issue, either by repricing, a service restriction, or by agreeing changes to record keeping and presentation.

Under our Terms of Business, either party can cancel the contract between us with no notice.