Business Mentoring

Running a business can be a lonely occupation.

It can become all consuming, and sometimes family and friends don’t always appreciate either the various stresses involved in having the buck stop with you, or the unique sense of satisfaction, achievement and motivation that can come from successfully navigating your business.

Thats why Whitefield offer Business Mentoring – our staff have walked the path.

There are an awful lot of business mentoring services available.  Some focus on sales or marketing; some on start ups; others on achieving a certain task or reaching a certain goal.

What is unique about our service?  Well, we do none of the above.  They all have their place, but they can be too narrow in their perspective.

Our approach is built on both flexibility and practical experience of business development, across the wide spectrum of issues that come up – cash flow, staff, premises, regulation, customers, marketing, competitors.

  • We understand how the business owner wears many hats, and has to understand all of these fields and more
  • We understand that business owners may be stronger in some of these areas and weaker in others
  • We understand that sometimes the areas that you are weaker in can sap your energy and confidence
  • We understand that the job of owing and developing a business isn’t 9-5 – it’s there in your mind all the time; maybe thats the curse of the entrepreneur, but could it also be the blessing?
  • We understand there is life beyond the business


Business Mentoring could be suitable if:

  • Your business is going through a process of change – eg new senior staff, new premises
  • Your business is expanding at a steady pace
  • You have recently started or acquired a business, or are thinking of doing so
  • You are thinking about your long term business and personal strategies, including expansion, contraction, sale, acquisition, retirement
  • You simply need someone neutral and without an agenda from a business background to talk to


Mentoring with Whitefield could be:

  • One session
  • It could be a number of regular periodic sessions (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • It could be “on demand” when you need a sounding board

Within reason you set the agenda, and we help you to find the answers.

We don’t prescribe or dictate actions or solutions, and in part thats what separates this service from the consultancy aspects of our regular Accounting and Tax services.


All the Details

We can offer business mentoring in most business sectors, but we are particularity strong in the smaller owner managed business and, via our sister business YogaTax, Yoga and other Mind Body businesses.

For businesses on the Isle of Wight, we can offer this service face to face.  For other businesses, it would be Telephone or Zoom based.  Normal pricing is :

  • No charge 15 minute initial consultation to see/explore opportunities
  • £200+vat for an individual session of up to thirty minutes
  • Block of five sessions, valid 12 months, £800+vat

These rates include email follow up to each session and between session email contact.  In some circumstances pricing may alter, and fair use applies.

Mentoring is normally delivered by our Managing Director Jessica Garbett, with support from our senior staff team.

Jessica’s experience includes:

  • Thirty five years in accountancy, with over twenty five of those running her own practice
  • Experience on business & third sector boards for substantial sized entities
  • Management accounting for a business division with £150m revenue
  • Owner of a successful Yoga Studio and Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Therapist for Mental Health, with an understanding of psychology and therapy

This diverse experience enables her to work over a multitude of differing themes and to see a bigger picture for a business and its owner.  Jessica’s yoga experience encapsulates an understanding that numbers are only part of the jigsaw – feelings, emotions and well-being all contribute to business success.

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