Terms of Business

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This page gives information about our Terms of Business, any changes, and supporting operational policies.

Terms of Business

Standard Terms of Business
Our standard Terms of Business apply for all all our client engagements over our Whitefield Tax and YogaTax business.

These form the contact between us, although they are overridden by any specific agreement arrangements or service level agreement between us and, in the case of Personal Service Companies, our PSC service specification below.

Log of Changes in Terms of Business
When we make changes to our Terms of Business.

Privacy and Cookie Policy
Our Privacy and Cookie Policy also forms part of the Terms of Business.

Fee Indexation
From April 2022 we have introduced an Indexation clause into our Fee Agreements.


Personal Service Company Clients

For our PSC clients, the specification for our PSC service overlays our full Terms of Business above.
PSC Service Specification


Fee and Operational Policies

These policies amplify and explain our Terms of Business but do not change them.  They are intended to provide practical clarity to our clients.

Basis of Quotation Guide
Our Basis of Quotation Guide sets out what is normally included in a quotation from us.

Fee Policy
Our Fee Policy explains how we set client fees, and the circumstances in which we may charge additional fees or change fee agreements with clients. This guide does not change our Terms of Business, which form the contract we have with clients, but helps to amplify and explain them.

Fee Indexation
From April 2022 we have introduced an Indexation clause into our Fee Agreements.

FreeAgent and Cloud Accounting Support
Our policy on charging for support in respect of FreeAgent and Cloud Accounting.

Deadline Policy
Our policy around managing worksflows for statutory deadlines and the respective duties and obligations of ourselves and clients.


Hourly Rates

Most of our work is on pre agreed fixed fee agreements, but as a guide our headline hourly rates for work not covered by Fixed Fees are:

  • £200 Director
  • £100 Manager Grade staff
  • £50 Senior technician grade staff
  • £25 Junior technician grade staff

all vat exclusive