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The end of the tax year, 5th April, is a day or two away, so time to think about taxes for 16/17

Self Assessment – if we prepare a Self Assessment return for you, then we need a Self Assessment Questionnaire please.  By end of September, but sooner is good.

P11D – Expenses and Benefits – if you trade through a limited company, or are an employer, we need a P11D questionnaire please.  By end of April at the latest

Bookkeeping – in terms of your business bookkeeping and records:

  • If you are a PSC and use our spreadsheet, then complete the Year End Questionnaire which is embedded in the spreadsheet at the same time as completing quarter 4 and send everything to us – thats all we need
  • For any other business clients, please see our Guidance on Year End Procedures
  • For our YogaTax clients, head over to Working With Us for a list of what we need
  • Generally, we need your 16/17 records no later than end of September.

Finally, client of ours or not, here are a few tips to try and make year end as pain free as possible:

  • Start early, and don’t leave your taxes to January.  Last minute rushes are not helpful to anyone, and its when errors and mistakes occur and people get frustrated.
  • On the theme of starting early, the sooner your return is done, the sooner you know what to pay and you can plan for tax bills.
  • Use an expenses checklist to make sure everything is complete before you pass everything to your accountant or file yourself.