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HMRC is seeking your comments on an early draft of Tax Coding Notice (P2).

After digesting the information below and also elsewhere online, do you feel it provides sufficient detail for you or your clients to be useful?

HMRC says ‘The HMRC Personal Tax Account provides a customer with their tax coding notice information. Customer insight tells us that high value P2 contact comes predominantly from customers with multiple income sources/complex affairs and that low value P2 contact comes from customers who do not understand the concept of coding. We continue to improve our online product to give customers access to:

  • a more meaningful view of their tax affairs ie related to their multiple employments
  • the ability to manage their tax affairs in a secure, simple and convenient way
  • the ability to access their information form any compatible device or portal
  • a link to other HMRC online services eg Check Your State Pension Service.

‘The Personal Tax Account is committed to digital inclusion. We will provide assistance for those who need it. In many cases, this may be achieved by allowing friends or family to access digital services.’

P2 Prototype Questionnaire

After viewing this early draft prototype HMRC invites you to comment on the following:

  • what are your first impressions of the P2 Tax Coding Notice Prototype?
  • what would you do if you received this communication in the post?
  • after reading this communication would you have a:

    – positive perception of HMRC

    – neutral perception of HMRC

    – negative perception of HMRC?

Send your feedback with the subject line ‘P2 Feedback’ via email to HMRC by 7 June.

Please be assured that your responses are completely confidential and you will not be asked to provide any of your own personal details.

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