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Jut a quick note about scams currently circulating.

Most people are aware of the risks from pishing emails, and false email from HMRC and Companies House are two common occurrences.

However there are also a number of postal scams, normally around things like

“publication of vat number”

“European company register””business names register”

and similar.  Watch these carefully – 99 times out of 100 they are scams.

In particular please note there are no UK obligations around registering business names other via Companies House – there is no UK Business Names Registry anymore, and registration requests are scans.

Likewise there is no central register of European VAT numbers.

In general:

~ sole traders and partnerships – no filing and registration obligations other than conventional tax, PAYE and VAT returns to HMRC

~ companies and LLPs – as above, plus annual return to Companies House (£30 if we do if for you, or £40 you do it by paper, £14 if you do it electronically).

Scam paperwork is best shredded, but if you are unsure you are welcome to scan and email to us.

It goes without saying, dead Nigerian Oil Ministers are normally dubious as well….