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A list of relevant HMRC links.

  • How to fill in your tax return
  • Residence, remittance basis etc. notes
  • Capital gains summary notes
  • UK property notes
  • Additional information notes

Dividend changes – quick reference

Dividends are taxed when they are paid. With the increase in the tax rate from April, for those receiving dividends, many boards may consider bring forward dividend payments.

The following are the effective rates of tax:

                                                  Effective rate on dividends received

                                                            Before 5 April 2016              on or after 6 April

Dividend allowance – £5,000                        n/a                                          0%

Basic rate                                                      0%                                          7.5%

Higher rate                                                    25%                                        32.5%

Additional rate                                              30.5%                                     38.1%

HMRC guidance manuals – note from HMRC

It has come to our attention that some of our customers may been experiencing problems when accessing HMRC guidance manuals on GOV.UK.

HMRC have recently transferred four of our guidance manuals from the HMRC website to GOV.UK – these are:

Unfortunately some issues, which were not present during testing, have been identified.  This includes:

  • missing hyperlinks
  • formatting of indented text
  • bullet lists and quotes  – particularly when there is a combination of two of these styles.

Our first priority has been to resolve the missing hyperlinks, and we’ve successfully implemented a fix for this. Our next priority is to resolve the formatting problems, for which we have identified the cause and are in the process of developing and testing a solution.

In light of this there may be a delay in other HMRC manuals going live on GOV.UK, but we hope to have a fix in place during January.

For now, the previous version of affected manuals will also remain available on the old HMRC website.

Article extracted from ACCA “In Practice” Newsletter