Fewer options available for those who choose not to pay online.

There have been many changes for taxpayers in the ways they can pay tax owed to HMRC. Most of these have reduced the non-online options that are available. We have seen payslips only available online (unless you filed a paper return), the option to pay at the Post Office withdrawn and that HMRC will no longer be accepting credit card payments. This is because of the payment services directive that means HMRC can no longer pass on the fee a bank charges for processing a personal credit card payment.

Taxpayers who filed online will need to ensure they pay online or have printed their payslip from their digital account. The only option remaining for those without a payslip is by making a payment by printing a blank payslip from HMRC’s website. This can is then sent to HMRC with a cheque. HMRC stress that it can’t be used for online payment and taxpayers are required to allow three working days for the payment to reach them – proof of posting may be advisable!

Taxpayers in financial difficulty

The Business Payment Support Service (0300 200 3835) can be contacted by the taxpayer who will need to supply the following information: 

  • UTR
  • the amount of the tax bill and the reasons why the tax payer is finding it difficult to pay
  • what they have done to try to get the money to pay the bill
  • how much they can pay immediately and how long they may need to pay the rest
  • their bank account details.

HMRC will question them about:

  • their income and expenditure
  • their assets
  • how they plan to get their tax payments back in order.

Article from ACCA In Practice