BEIS has issued guidance for businesses called Intellectual Property after Brexit.

The guidance states that the IP after Brexit will affect your business if you:

  • ‘currently own IP, such as copyright, patents, designs and trade marks
  • are involved in the secondary trading of IP-protected goods between the UK and EEA markets
  • operate or rely on cross-border services involving copyright-protected content in the UK and EU’.

The guidance call for action is that your business needs to:

  1. Understand the changes and prepare for them now. The guidance IP and Brexit – the facts is available to help you.
  2. Be aware of the timings. There are some actions that you may need to take now in order to prepare for leaving the EU without a deal. IP and Brexit – the facts can help you to understand whether you need to take any immediate action depending on your individual circumstances.
  3. Stay updated. Some of these requirements may change depending on the terms upon which the UK leaves the EU. Revisit this page or sign up to email alerts on the signposted pages to stay up to date.

Article from ACCA In Practice