Registration open for seven digital meetings hosted by HMRC.

The latest updates are:

What’s new for employers 2018: This meeting will give agents an overview of the employer payroll changes from 2018, including, the change to the Income Tax basic personal allowance and the rates of tax for the new tax year, the thresholds for Class 1 National Insurance, expenses and benefits for employees, fuel benefit charge for company cars, van and fuel benefit, the new rates for Statutory Payments, National Living and National Minimum wage rates and other changes that may affect your clients’ business.

Tu‌esd‌ay 27 M‌ar‌c‌h – 9a‌m to 10a‌m                              Register now

Complaints: We will share our approach to complaints handling and redress and outline the steps we are taking to improve the service we offer. We will also explain what we are doing to learn from the complaints we receive and how we are making our complaints service more accessible using digital solutions.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 28 M‌ar‌c‌h – midday to 1p‌m                     Register now

Input tax recovery in relation to Option to Tax: This digital meeting will provide a general overview of how an Option to Tax can impact input tax recovery, dispelling some of the myths. We will cover belated notifications and your entitlement to claim input tax.

Thur‌sd‌ay 5 A‌pril – midday to 1p‌m                             Register now

HMRC’s Application Programming Interface (API) Strategy: This meeting will provide you with the latest updates on HMRC’s API Strategy.

Fri‌d‌ay 6 A‌pril – 11a‌m to midday                                 Register now

The role of HMRC as a creditor in Voluntary Arrangements: This digital meeting will provide a brief introduction to Voluntary Arrangements, both corporate and individual and HMRC’s policy as a creditor to either support or reject proposals received. It will also cover debts that may be claimed, post insolvency returns, interest and Crown set off.

Thur‌sd‌ay 12 A‌pril – midday to 1p‌m                            Register now

Article from ACCA In Practice