This in by email from HMRC

This is a reminder that, on the 5 September, HMRC changed the way we deal with requests for copies of the SA Tax Calculation (sometimes referred to as the SA302). From that date we no longer issue paper copies of the tax calculation if the SA return has been filed online. There are exceptions, for example, if the mortgage provider is not on the List of Lenders who accept self-serve copies.

HMRC suggest that if:

  • a Lender refuses to accept a self-serve copy, agents should check if they are on the List of Lenders. If they are, go back to the Lender with the list as evidence that they will accept self-serve copies
  • agents are having problems printing from their commercial software, they should contact their software provider for assistance
  • another third party requires a copy of the tax calculation, please check if they accept a self-serve copy.

Note: it is not a requirement to have:

  • a HMRC covering letter with the tax calculation
  • ‘SA302’ on the calculation printed from commercial software.

A list of lenders who will accept self-serve copies can be found in the HMRC’s guidance, Mortgage providers and lenders who accept a SA302 tax calculation and a tax year overview.