Users promised greater security and a safer online experience.

From September 2017, HMRC will make it a requirement for all businesses using their online tax accounts to register for 2 Step Verification (2SV) – if not already using it.

Users logging into their tax accounts from September will be asked to register for 2SV. The result of this minor change means greater security for customers and a safer experience when using their online services, says HMRC.


What is 2SV?

2SV is a way of adding a layer of security to customer’s Government Gateway credentials. Instead of relying on something you ‘know’, like a User ID or Password, it adds an extra factor of something you ‘have’, a mobile or landline.


Is 2SV new?

No it isn’t. The use of 2SV is backed by the National Cyber Security Centre and promoted by Cyber Aware and Action Fraud. 2SV is used widely across well-known brands in the tech industry, it’s also commonly used for online banking.

HMRC began introducing 2SV in December 2015 and, since then, more than 11 million individuals and businesses have successfully set up 2SV to protect their online tax accounts.


Why is HMRC requiring 2SV for businesses?

HMRC takes the protection of customer data extremely seriously. Similar to other large financial organisations, that makes HMRC a target for fraudsters and cyber criminals.

If you encounter issues using 2SV with HMRC, please contact their Online Services Helpdesk

Article from ACCA In Practice