If you pay Class 2 NI on a  voluntary basis as Self Employed / Business Partner, then the payment is via your Self Assessment but it must be paid by 31st January after the tax year – pay a day late and the right to make a voluntary payment is lost.

Its transpired that for 2022-23 payments, due by 31st January 2024, HMRC has made a mistake on the dates and consequently refunded some of these in error.

If you paid, or planned to pay, voluntary Class 2 for 2022-23, check your bank statements for a erroneous refund.

This article from Accounting Web explains more
HMRC refunds voluntary NIC payments by mistake

Voluntary Class 2 is normally paid because business profits are below the Small Earnings Threshold and NI isn’t being paid or credited elsewhere.  The voluntary payment protects State Pension and other benefit rights.

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