Opportunity to comment on HMRC’s revised draft Charter.

 The HMRC Charter is fundamental to expectations of how HMRC ought to behave in its engagement with taxpayers and their advisers.

The Charter was last reviewed in 2015 and, in line with HMRC’s legal commitment to regularly review and revise the document, it is now undertaking another review.

Following initial discussions with some stakeholders, HMRC has now published a draft revised charter for consultation, which is open until Friday 15 May.

In HMRC’s words ‘The revised draft charter aims to take account of views we have received so far, for example that the revised charter:

  • is short and direct with simple, accessible language
  • embodies or represents HMRC’s values: we are professional, we act with integrity, we show respect and we are innovative
  • is more focused on HMRC’s commitments to customers, while not losing sight of customers’ obligations to HMRC’.

This is a great opportunity for you to influence HMRC and we strongly encourage you to provide feedback

Article from ACCA In Practice