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Support for the self-assessment helpline will be redirected to online services

From 11‌‌‌ ‌‌December 2023, HMRC has made changes to Self-Assessment (SA) helpline and Agent Dedicated Line (ADL), directing those with simple queries to their existing online services until 31 January 2024.

Taxpayers can use online tools instead of calling HMRC for simple queries such as:

  1. Do I need to fill in a tax return?
  2. How do I fill in my online tax return?
  3. How do I check how much tax I owe?
  4. Where’s my self-assessment tax refund?
  5. What happens if I can’t pay my tax bill?

Support for PAYE queries

During the SA peak, ADL will not be dealing with any PAYE-related calls, however the callers are encouraged to use online tools such as the ‘Income Record Viewer‘ or the ‘Where’s my reply?’ tool before contacting HMRC.

For complex PAYE-related queries only, agents can request a call-back from HMRC advisers using the digital assistant on GOV‌‌‌.UK. They should use ‘Ask HMRC‘, which will guide them through their query and take them to a webchat adviser. Agents should make clear it is an agent contact in the webchat and that they are requesting a call-back for a complex PAYE query.

Resolution for unanswered correspondence

If any tax agent is aware of unanswered client correspondence over 12 months old, they can report it to the HMRC Agent Account Manager team using the Agents’ Issue Resolution Service online form.

Complaints procedure

You can make a complaint if you’re unhappy with the service provided, for example because:

  • you received a poor service
  • there were unreasonable delays

HMRC’s website has all the relevant information and guidance on how to complain to them for their services to the taxpayers.

Access the contact details for making a complaint.