Professional Fee Protection Scheme – Online Form

PFPS - 2024 year

This form covers the 2024 calendar year.

To apply for our Professional Fee Protection Scheme please complete the form below.

You will receive an email acknowledgement, and a copy for your records. (If you do not receive this you may have mis-typed your email address when completing the form.)

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This service is only available to existing clients of Whitefield Tax Limited and YogaTax

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Please enter your Whitefield Tax Limited client reference. This service is only available to existing Whitefield Tax Limited clients; please do not apply if you are not a client of ours.
NB cover cannot be backdated, so if the date is retrospective will use date of receipt.
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The cover runs for the calendar year, and in year premiums are for the remainder of the calendar year only.

Conditions and Scope of Cover(Required)

I understand cover is for the calendar year 2024, in whole or part depending on date of application, with optional renewal on 1 January 2025.

Premiums are non refundable and cover the remainder of the calendar year.

The detailed terms of cover are on our website at: (opens in new window)

I/We agree that Whitefield shall be the Appointed Representative for the purpose of the scheme

Eligibility Declaration(Required)

I am not currently undergoing a VAT or PAYE inspection.

I am not currently involved in a dispute with HMRC

I agree that the statements made by me or on my behalf are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I agree that this proposal shall be the basis of the contract between Whitefield and myself.

I/We understand that if my most recently submitted tax return was not prepared or submitted by Whitefield and the return has significant misstatements or omissions, any claim as a result of an enquiry into that return may be restricted.

If you are unable to comply with the statements made above, please contact us to discuss your eligibility

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