Filing your own Confirmation Statement

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You are required to confirm the information that Companies House holds about your company every year via a Confirmation Statement (CS01).

The CSO1 Confirmation Statement is not a financial return, and is separate to annual Accounts and Tax filings.

We offer clients a service add on to file your annual Confirmation Statement (CS01) at Companies House.  The cost is £76 comprising £35 professional fee, £7 vat and £34 Companies House fee.
Ask Whitefield Tax to file your Companies Confirmation Statement

If you wish to file yourself, then here is some basic guidance.


File yourself

There is a mandatory filing fee payable to Companies House to file the Confirmation Statement of £34 if filed electronically, or £62 if filed on paper – Note this cost increased from 1st May 2024 due to changes in Companies House fees.

With this in mind we recommend that you consider registering to file electronically using the Companies House web filing system – basic information is at:

To register with Companies House there are two steps:

First, Register yourself as a filer by obtaining a security code – this registration is linked to a specific e-mail address – we do not set this up for you.

Second, Obtain an authentication code for your company (if we formed the company for you, we will have obtained this and given it to you).  The authentication code, or any reminder requested, is posted to the companies Registered Office.

The two codes are not linked, meaning that anyone with a security code can file for any company that they are privy to the authentication code for.



Web Filing Practicalities

The Companies House Web Filing service lets you file:

  • Confirmation Statement
  • Appointment/Resignation/Change of details for directors
  • Adding/removing/editing the Persons with Significant Control record
  • Registered Office change
  • Share issues

and some other less common forms.


Share Transfers

A common point of confusion relates to share transfers – the commonly used Stock Transfer Forms are for Stamp Duty only (where duty is applicable – in most share transfers no duty is payable), and these forms are not registered at Companies House – if they are sent in they will be rejected.

With the 2016 introduction of the requirements on “Persons with Significant Control”, whenever there is a share transfer, you are required to notify Companies House within 14 days if this has an effect on the Persons with Significant Control. This is best done by logging into your company record at Companies House and checking the section for Persons with Significant Control.


Checking your company’s details in preparation for filing the Confirmation Statement

Check your information on the Companies House register is correct, including:

  • The details of your registered office, directors, secretary and the address where you keep your records
  • Your statement of capital and shareholder information if your company has shares. Check that the share allocations are shown correctly
  • Your standard industry classification (SIC code – the number that identifies what your company does)


After you’ve checked your information

Send your confirmation statement online or by post.

You can report changes to your statement of capital, shareholder information and SIC codes at the same time.

You can’t use the confirmation statement to report changes to your company’s officers, registered office address or the address where you keep your records – file those changes separately.