A note about this company, Healthshield Friendly Society Limited, and any one planning to deal with them.  I honestly suggest you don’t.

They were recommended to us by a PHI Broker for covering excess on PMI policies.

In the even they have turned out to have some of the worst customer service I have ever seen:

  • Excess claim under PMI rejected as the invoice from the hospital wasn’t stamped “paid”.
  • Claim for dental expenses rejected as the work done by the dentist wasn’t listed.
  • Letters from them rejecting claims which are meaningless and generic, eg “We will not pay for future dated treatment, you need to resubmit your claim after treatment completed”, in respect of a claim for a number of insured receipts all in the past – in fact the rejection was nothing to do with dating, and to do with listing of work done by dentist.
  • Emails sent out from “do not reply to this address” emails, and no email or reference given for customer service.
  • When you do find an email for them, complete disinterest in resolving problems.
  • Excuses made on rejecting receipts, “our auditors require that we only make payment against receipts not invoices” – as a Registered Auditor myself, I know very well an auditor wouldn’t make such a stipulation.  Using auditors as a shield for avoiding something is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

A company best avoided