Back in December 2021 when Covid Omicron variant was spiking, Government announced that smaller employers would be able to recover Covid related SSP.

As a recap, employers cannot normally reclaim SSP – Statutory Sick Pay – paid to employees.  However in the early part of the pandemic recovery was allowed under a special scheme which then closed, and has now reopened for Covid related absence, including asymptomatic isolation, from 21 December 2021 afterwards.

Read about eligibility and payroll procedures here:

Check if you can claim back Statutory Sick Pay paid to employees due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

A note for our clients – if we look after payroll for you, either as a bureau scheme or directors scheme, please contact our Tax Department for assistance.  If you are a company director who has had to take time off due for Covid after 21 December 2021, then you can get a SSP re-reimbursement.