On this page we show the latest status regarding our services, and a summary of Covid-19 related resources on our webstite



Here is a list of Covid-19 Resources on our site:


Services to Our Clients – Updated 8 June 2020

  • Most of our staff work from home, so we are geared up for distancing and isolation. For the most part our service will be continuing as usual. However due to staff with childcare commitments some working hours will change, and hence support staff may not be able to reply to emails as quickly as normal.
  • Presently we have one member of staff on furlough
  • Our reception will re-open to visitors on Mondays and Thursdays 10am to 2pm from Monday 22 June 2020.  Outside of those times, if you need to visit our office, please get in touch first.

To help our clients out:

  1. We will suspend our normal “late presentation surcharge” for 2019-20 accounts and returns (normally applies to anything received after end September 2020)
  2. If you normally bring your accounts and taxes into us in April / May time but are worried about paying our fee, we will consider deferring our fees so you can still get your accounts and taxes processed on time
  3. If you normally send your accounts and taxes in later in the year, but would benefit from getting them done earlier this year, either as you have time on your hands and would like to crack on, or because you would like visibility on 2019-20 taxes, then again we can consider a fee deferral
  4. Keeping work flow moving is important for us – we will experience service issues if everything is deferred to later in the year
  5. Regarding fee deferrals please bear in mind we are a small business, with the same pressures as anyone else, so we will have to consider this case by case and agree the arrangements in each instance. We cannot afford a large hit to our cashflow or bad debt exposure, but we will do what we can.

Due to the late budget this year, and the distractions around Covid-19 please be aware we are running a little later than usual with post budget and annual tax year website updates. Specifically

  • Rates and allowances are out of date
  • The IR35 section of the website needs a significant overhaul for the post April 2020 regime (now deferred April 2021)

We hope to be completed on this by the end of the month.