News today that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) is to be extended till end October 2020.

  • Scheme unchanged till end of July – 80% grant to employer for each job Furloughed
  • From August will be revised to allow part time Furlough (against the current all or nothing)
  • From August
    • the percentage may decrease as employers are asked to contribute more – 60% has been mooted, but nothing official – note this would be 60% of the Furloughed amount – so if an employee was brought back on half their normal hours, the Furlough grant would be 100% salary x 60% grant x 50% hours (cf 100% salary x 80% at present)
    • their may be a reduction in the £2,500 salary cap
    • these suggestions are informed speculation (sic) rather than confirmed
  • More details to be announced by end of May