A few minor changes to our terms of business:

~ Additional clause “6f. This contract is construed and operated under English law.”

~ Additional clause “23e  To the fullest extent possible our directors, staff or contractors to not accept personal liability for work carried out”.

~ Rewording of clause 26f to read “Where disputes arise between shareholders / directors / partners in a business, including matrimonial/family disputes in a family owned business then we normally take instructions from,  communicate with and report to,  the managing director/senior partner, or the director/partner who we normally communicate with, and other parties are advised to take independent advice.”

~ Additional clause 26g “For company / partnership clients we normally take instructions from,  communicate with and report to, the  managing director/senior partner, or, if different, the director/partner who is nominated to deal with accounting and tax matters, and rely on them to communicate with their colleagues.  This does not extend to personal taxation matters of individual partners / directors.”

The above changes are intended to promote clarity and ease of understanding, and do not constitute a change in our day to day working practices.