Following completion of our migration from Standing Orders to Direct Debits, we are making some changes to our banking.

Our main bank account continues unchanged.  It ends in 32.  If you have these account details saved then no changes are necessary.  The full account number is on all invoices and statements we issue.

However standing orders went to a separate account ending in 54.  Some clients have saved these details and use them for ad hoc payments in error.  This account is now closed.  If you have saved a bank account for us ending in 54, please delete it.

A couple of other things:

First, if you are paying us by Bank Transfer please use your Client Number (Alpha plus 4 numerics – 3 numerics for some long established clients) not the Invoice Number.  Thank you.

Secondly, if you don’t pay us by Direct Debit and would like to spread your accountancy costs on a monthly basis, please let us know.