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Contributed by ACCA

The second round of the Employer Ownership Pilot, a competitive fund into which employers can bid for funding to invest in their current and future workforce, requires registration of interest by 11 March and outline bids by 28 March.

The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot gives all employers in England – irrespective of size or sector – the opportunity to access up to £340m of public investment and jointly invest alongside government to develop their current and future workforce. The government states ‘This will allow you to tackle skills challenges that are holding your business back’.

The scheme is open to SMEs (employees under 250) who aim to spend 250k on improving employee skills or larger employers who plan to spend £1m on improving employee skills. Types of bid:

  • proposals which will enable employers to improve the skills of their current and future workforce
  • industrial partnerships to take wider responsibility for skills development in a place or sector.

The schemes can include up-skilling and ‘high quality’ apprenticeships as well as a number of businesses coming together to meet the spend requirement. Find out more about the process and see examples of successful bids from round 1.

ACCA is setting up a LinkedIn group where members can match training needs and form their own bidding group. Search for it on LinkedIn from 1 March.