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A question, thankfully not from a client of ours:

(January 2013) I have logged into my business account to withdraw the remaining funds and they were not there. Having spoken to the bank customer service department they state as the business was dissolved in December all remaining funds have been transferred to the Treasury Solicitor on 13th December 2012. The amount concerned is £11,279.37, I was not aware that I had to withdraw the funds by a certain date or funds would be taken from my bank account without my knowledge and transferred to the treasury.

Have I lost this money or will I be able to claim it back from the Treasury?

Our reply:


You can get it back, but it will incur costs:

Home > Bona Vacantia

Dissolved Company Guidelines > Companies > Bona Vacantia

(BVC2) Discretionary Grants where the Dissolved Company can be restored > Dissolved Company Guidelines > Bona Vacantia

The maximum they will repay this way is £3,000, so you will need to go down the more complex route of having the company restored:

Guidance – strike off, dissolution and restoration (GP4)

You will almost certainly need specialist assistance – try googling “company restoration”