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From 1 October almost all of the forms for Companies and LLPs that need to be filed at Companies House have been changed.

A complete list of forms is here:

The main changes are:

Company forms:

AA01 Change of Accounting reference date (replaces 225)
AA02 Dormant Company Accounts (replaces DCA)
NM01 Change of name (new form, needs RES as well)
RES Written resolution on change of name (new form, to go with NM01)
AD01 Change of Registered office (replaces 287)
AP01 Appointment of director (replaces 288a)
AP02 Appointment of corporate director (replaces 288a)
AP03 Appointment of secretary (replaces 288a)
AP04 Appointment of corporate secretary (replaces 288a)
TM01 Termination of appointment of secretary (replaces 288b)
TM02 Termination of appointment of corporate secretary (replaces 288b)
CH01 Change of directors details (replaces 288c)
CH02 Change of corporate directors details (replaces 288c)
CH03 Change of secretarys details (replaces 288c)
CH04 Change of corporate secretarys details (replaces 288c)
DS01 Striking off application by company (replaces 652a)
SH01 Return of allotment of shares (replaces 88[2])

Apart from the change of name and strike off forms, all the others can be filed online. Fees for strike off and change of name unchanged.

LLP forms in OD/FPE

LLAP01 Appointment of member (replaces LLP288a)
LLAP02 Appointment of corporate member (replaces LLP288a)
LLCH01 Change of details of a member (replaces LLP288c)
LLCH02 Change of details of a corporate member (replaces LLP288c)
LLTM01 Termination of a member (replaces LLP288b)
LLAA01 Change of accounting reference date (replaces LLP225)
LLAD01 Change of registered office (replaces LLP287)
LLAR01 Annual Return of LLP (replaces LLP363)
LLDS01 Striking off application by LLP (replaces LLP652A)

No online filing facility exists for LLP forms.