We’ve made a small change to our terms of business, clauses7i and 8e – both clauses are the same, in different sections of the document.

The old wording was:

“At our discretion we may request payment in advance for work”

The new wording is:

“At our discretion we may request payment in advance for work, or withhold aspects of completed work pending settlement of our fees.”

The change reflects the current economic climate and some clients, unfortunately, not paying us promptly or at all.

For clients who are not paying us by standing order, once we have your signed approvals back, we will normally hold back:

– bound and spare accounts
– submission of your personal tax returns
– submission of Corporation Tax returns
– issue of Abbreviated Accounts for Companies House

pending our invoice being settled.

We will exercise discretion, particularly if filing deadlines are close, and we will make every effort to ensure that clients are aware that something is being withheld when a filing deadline is imminent.

We regret having to make these changes, but are sure clients will understand the necessity.

For the 75% or so of our clients on standing order, there will be no effect.