This Content Was Last Updated on November 5, 2015 by Jessica Garbett


On 6 September, HM Revenue & Customs publicised the fact that agent copies of several types of forms will no longer be issued. This includes tax assessments, notices of coding, tax reference notifications and letters concerning the self assessment status of an individual, i.e. a change as to whether you need to submit a tax return. The reason given for this change is that it will save HMRC money. However, there is potential for it to cost them a great deal in time, when things need sorting out because an agent was unaware of an incorrect notice being issued.

In view of the change, it would be very helpful if clients could let us have copies of all notices received from HMRC. If at all possible, they should be emailed to us, but when scanning the papers document, please ensure it is copied in black and white and low resolution.

We must stress how important it is that you let us have copies of everything you receive. It is likely that some items you let us have will be fairly innocuous but we must have the opportunity to check HMRC’s information and figures, they cannot always be relied upon to get things right.